Week 6′s prompt of the Indie Travel Challenge is again about indie travel.   BootsNAll just published their Indie Travel Manifesto – read it here or below.

When I read, “If this statement makes you cry because you are not living the life you want to, sign it and make a change,” on the BootsNAll Manifesto page, it hit me.  HARD.  

I AM NOT LIVING THE LIFE I WANT TO LIVE.  I know in my heart this is true.  So, what am I doing? 

1. I’m using a less than challenging job to save the money I need to take my dream trip and have a re-entry financial cushion.  Not having something to fall back on when I return (if I do) does not sit well with me at all.  

2. I’m using the time (and travel with my job) to get more frequent flier miles so I can get the first flight of my trip for free.  Can you say $4,000 automatically saved?  I can!

3. I’m trying to hold onto my friends and things I love about Atlanta as long as possible before I say goodbye because I don’t think I will be coming back. 

4. I’m sacrificing my dream for just a little longer so I can plan it well.  Ok, maybe perfectly.  Although the biggest things I need to get situated are my house (sell or rent – it’ll be on the market March 1) and the sale of all my belongings.  That takes time.     

5. I’m making myself miserable (job…) and am compromising my health and sanity the longer I wait.   

What I’m realizing is that I am READY.  I am ready for my trip.  I am ready for my new life.  I am ready to JUMP and LEAP.  I’m the kind of person who once I know what I want, I don’t wait – I go after it.  I also don’t change my mind or veer off course easily.  I’m also DONE.  Done with my job.  Done with my house and all my stuff (even though I don’t that have much!)  Done with my current life.  So it’s killing me to wait another 11 months to leave for Patagonia.  Although summer time would be so much better there!  And in Antarctica too… 

My own feelings about travel are this: GO – don’t wait around.  Spend money on experiences, not things.  Travel gives you an education no one can take away from you.  Travel is freedom.  Travel enriches the soul.  Find a way.        

What do you think – does the Manifesto resonate with you?  Do you think I should continue to hold off on leaving to save more money or should I take my own advice, just go, and see how the money thing plays out? 

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5 Responses to 2012 Indie Travel Challenge – Week 6: The Indie Travel Manifesto and What it Means To Me

  1. Sean says:

    G’Day Beth,

    Glad you like it and it’s impacting you. It’s the same for me…I constantly think how can I live the life I want, versus what is expected/”normal”.

    I support you. You will be there soon one way or the other!

    • Beth Fenger says:

      Thanks Sean! It’ll all come together – I have faith in that. BootsNAll is such a big help and support – keep rockin’ it!

  2. Kim says:

    Beth! I completely relate. Completely. I have used my job for *years* to get me into the position to be ready for this trip. In that way, I am grateful for my job. It has given me the financial means to go. Also, it made me miserable enough to ask myself “what do I really want.” It sucks to be so miserable, but it’s also a blessing when you channel that misery into creating the life you actually want to live.

    I don’t know the answer about going now or waiting. I don’t know if there is a right answer. Deep down, what feels right? We’ve waited and waited until we reached our goal and at times it was torture but also, now that we are so so so close, I see it was all worth it.

    GOOD LUCK. Either way, it will work out. It will because you refuse to accept anything less for yourself.


    • Beth Fenger says:

      Thanks for your support Kim! Sometimes all that’s needed are kind words. :) So true – I’m now really clear about what I want and I have my current circumstances to thank for that clarity. Sometimes, that’s the best gift of a less than desireable situation! It’s also been the kick-in-the-pants I needed to start working on getting my new life into place.

      I’m so excited for you and Brian with your trip! Thanks for showing it can be done – looking forward to your updates!

  3. Coco Marie says:

    I really loved your article. I completely understand who you feel. I too felt that way and decided to take the leap and move to Paris. Best decision of my life. I originally was supposed to be gone for 9 months and now I have been here around 2 years. I know it is difficult to wait but time will fly and then you will have the best experience of your life! Good luck!

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