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Last week’s Indie Travel Challenge post prompt was about travel in Asia and where I’d like to go in Asia and/or what is my dream trip in Asia.  The answer is EVERYWHERE! 

More specifically, Cambodia and Mongolia are on my RTW itinerary.  Angkor Wat Cambodia has been at the top of my bucket list ever since Matt Lauer went there for his Where in the World segment in 2002.  I had never heard of Angkor Wat before then and with just a 5 minute glimpse of the place, I was hooked.  I know I can easily spend a week there with my camera and so when I was putting together my RTW itinerary, Angkor Wat was one of the first places I included.  I’m pretty psyched about seeing it! 

Even though I can remember the instant I knew I’d have to visit Cambodia, I can’t remember for the life of me when I first got interested in Mongolia!  The nomadic lifestyle that is prevalent there and the steppe with its wide open spaces and big sky are off the beaten path – exactly where I want to be.  I’m not your everyday type of traveler who feels compeled to see all the tourist locations so Mongolia is perfect for me.  It appeals to my sense of adventure and desire to live like the locals and experience different cultures in their most genuine forms.  Simply taking a van trip into the Gobi desert won’t be good enough for me, I really want to live in a ger and learn about herding yaks and reindeer.  Learning to make mutton soup and going to the Naadam festival in July are on the list too.  Yak butter tea, however, will be a culinary adventure!

I’m going to have some time to experience both places as I’ve tentatively budgeted several months for each country.  I’m open to whatever comes my way in each country and I’m looking forward to exploring all Cambodia and Mongolia have to offer.

Have you been to Cambodia or Mongolia?  What are your recommendations for things to do or places to go?

4 Responses to 2012 Indie Travel Challenge – Week 5: Asia?

  1. Marissa says:

    Cambodia was one of the greatest surprises of my trip to South East Asia. I love it there. Yes, spending time in Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat is totally worth it and one of the those places to see, but if you can get out of there for a while, head to Battambang. It’s a small little town about an hour or so away. You can take a taxi from Siem Reap for about $40 or so. While I was there I was really able to dig into the Khmer culture and see what Cambodia is all about. Let me know when you are looking to book places to stay and stuff, I still have all of my info!

    • Beth Fenger says:

      Marissa – thanks for all the tips. I’m so looking forward to Cambodia and getting immersed in the local culture. :) I definitely want to hear about places to stay. We’ll talk soon…

  2. Hi Beth– Make sure you see the mind-blowing film MONGOL before you travel to Mongolia. It traces the development of Genghis Khan’s life, his inner practices and incredible travails at the hands of the Chinese, and how he eventually reshaped the world. I’ve watched it twice and could easily watch it again. XO, PD

    • Beth Fenger says:

      Mongol is on my list now! The more I research Mongolia, the more fascinating it is. I’ll let you know when I get the movie and host a screening at my house.

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